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Selecting clothing items for a wardrobe can be a daunting task. It becomes even more complicated if you have to buy shoes and accessories as well. You can make things easier by following these top five tips for wardrobe selection.


Never overlook the importance of compartmentalization when arranging your wardrobe. You need to have a dedicated place for each item whether it is your clothes, shoes or accessories. Huddling all things together will cramp the wardrobe and make it difficult for you to retrieve items.

More space for Clothing

A common mistake people make while arranging their wardrobes is that they allocate less space for clothing items. It is ironic since clothing items need more space than other items. You need at least two shelves of a standard wardrobe for your clothing items. Leave room for more items to be added at a later time. This will remove the burden of rearranging the clothes every time you buy a new dress.

Drawers for Accessories

Accessories are best stored in drawers rather than shelves. It will be even better if you allocate separate drawers for different types of accessories. Thus a separate drawer is good for hair accessories where you can also place hair dryers, rollers and other equipment. A dedicated drawer for jewellery will also make life easier for you as you will no longer have to search for necklaces or earrings at different places.


Don’t forget your footwear while arranging your wardrobe. You can place them in especially made drawers in the wardrobe. An ideal arrangement is one where each type of shoes is placed in a separate portion. This way, finding the right pair of shoes for a particular event will be easier.

Make a List

You can avoid clutter and wild searches through the wardrobe by making a list of items. This will remove the physical hassle of rummaging through every clothing item and accessory to look for a particular thing. Paste the list on the inside or outside of the wardrobe and life will become easier for you.