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Creating inspiration to realize your personal potential

Creating inspiration to realize your personal potential

Janet Shepherd Designs® 

Your Home • Your Look • Your Life

Specializing in the transformation of your interiors, wardrobe, lifestyle from the ordinary to extraordinary, Janet Shepherd is guided by her clients’ needs and spirit. Whether she is designing residential spaces or updating their individual style, Janet has built a reputation on achieving successful and distinctive results for her clientele. She inspires them to realize their personal vision.

Recently single bachelors and bachelorette’s often require the assistance of and profit from the help of life-styling. Janet Shepherd Designs is a place where singles can get advice through   Dating 101 packages which are inclusive of online profile critiques, style advice, and home decorating consultations.

Janet’s broad base of experience and portfolio includes classic and contemporary renovations, new construction projects, One Day Design and reinvented wardrobes. Her work and reputation are reinforced through her principle belief that design should be both enjoyed and livable. She ensures that her clients’ space and wardrobe are a great source of comfort and pride.

If Your Home, Your Look and Your Life are in sync, everything tends to fall into place including the new way of dating in the Twenty-First Century. Finding your “new normal” after a long marriage or relationship is key to finding peace and harmony.


ATTRACT what you expect, REFLECT what you desire, BECOME what you respect,

MIRROR what you admire.    ~ Janet Shepherd